About Us

The National Women Entrepreneur Council (NWEC), a parastatal body operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare has been set up in 1999. It is the main organization that provides support and assistance to both potential and existing women entrepreneurs in Mauritius.


The mission of NWEC is to be a reference for promoting entrepreneurship inculcating the right business culture for women in Mauritius.


The NWEC acts as a driver and facilitator in empowering women entrepreneurs. 


The main objectives of the Council are to:
•  Ensure effective communication between the Council and its members;
•  Identify actions and projects which will promote entrepreneurial activities of Women;
•  Evaluate and assess the needs of Women Entrepreneurs;
•  Establish Training Programs, aimed at improving the skills and management aptitudes of Women Entrepreneurs;
•  Develop working links and affiliation with other bodies, whether in Mauritius or abroad, having same objectives;
•  Examine and evaluate the contribution of Women Entrepreneurs to the various sectors of development in the light of national needs and priorities.

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